I have to be honest. Customers are the driving reason why things like peptides and research chemicals only get harder, if not impossible, to obtain for legitimate purposes.

Yes, customers. If you are reading this, you are probably part of the problem, not the solution.

You help get these things regulated, banned, and/or you make vendors’ lives so difficult with things like “why can’t I use my credit card?” that they eventually just shut down so they don’t have to deal with you anymore. Then, you think you can be cute and circumvent the vendors that invest plenty of time and money in sourcing quality products and testing them, just to order trash directly from China thinking that’s a good idea.

Read on…

You buy peptides (for example) for research purposes (everyone knows what you’re really doing with them) from China – a place known for quality problems and medicine scandals resulting in death, produced in conditions that you know nothing about, that you have never inspected and all of this to save a few dollars?

Again, customers are the problem in this area.

Somewhere like Alibaba and other trade sites are not exactly known for being trustworthy places. That isn’t to say sourcing from China is a bad idea. However, real companies and legitimate businesses that purchase form China do site inspections at minimum. They also do third party quality control testing. Plus, over half of the time, you will not receive your products at all and end up completely losing money. You’ll learn the hard way.

Furthermore, most of the sellers on places like Alibaba are trading companies, not factories. You’ll never really know where these things were actually made. Most of them also have a lousy front website, no local contact information aside from a WhatsApp number that comes up on other sites like here and here.

This means they represent multiple factories – basically they don’t care to check what they’re sourcing, they only care about making sales. They don’t check it!

Then you can entertain yourself with their clearly fake office photos which are clearly edited or photoshopped using similar stock photos that all of these trade agents use. They just change the background and company name/information. They also like to appeal to morons like you by only using English names and information, not their actual Chinese name. They probably just pick some company information out of an index somewhere! Don’t worry though, you’ll believe it…Even though you’ll never even be sure they’re getting the products they’re selling you from the same factory each time.

Most of the time, these trading “companies” will setup multiple trade site (i.e., Alibaba) accounts under different names to help populate the search results.

They know they can target you because you are not local, not Chinese (most likely) and are gullible and…stupid. I have not found any of these “sellers” to list their ICP number, which his a Chinese legal requirement! So, they’re using a front name for what may not even be a registered business, and are rather using this front to target English speaking people who are entirely naïve.

Sometimes on your first order, they’ll send you something legitimate (if you’re lucky) so you come back and order a bulk amount. Go look it up yourself. Complaints like this exist, and it’s handled like this!

Why do they do this? It works, and they don’t care about you! They already have you figured out. You, the customer, are the problem. They know there will be a moron like you every day for as long as they exist.

You mean nothing to them, they only care about taking your money. Customers truly get what they deserve doing this.

Although this post doesn’t have much to do with peptides directly, this is a great example because that’s how many try to get their peptides. Do you know how much time, energy, and money legitimate vendors have to go through to find reliable and quality sources – whether from China or not? No, you don’t.

Also, you should really check this out as well. This is how it works over there – in most if not all industries.

Just order from legitimate vendors. Oh, and learn how to pay with crypto! Stop giving vendors a headache trying to find ways to satisfy the stupidity of people who think it’s legal to use their debit/credit card to buy RESEARCH CHEMICALS. Vendors have enough headaches besides trying to find fancy work-arounds so you can buy peptides or research chemicals with your card.