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GENSCI BIOTECH Review & Test Results

Who is Gensci Biotech?

Gensci Biotech  is a large wholesale USA peptide manufacturer and USA peptide supplier with prices up to 60% off of common retail peptide prices. All of their peptides and chemicals are synthesized in the USA. This makes Gensci Biotech one of the only true USA peptide manufacturers.

Gensci Biotech is primarily a business-to-business USA peptide manufacturer and supplier for private medical clinics, academic institutions, research organizations, and independent researchers.

Since Gensci Biotech is the main supplier for private medical clinics, this helps explain why people’s experiences and outcomes with peptides obtained from clinics is vastly superior to those obtained from online vendors (who resell Chinese peptides).

Fortunately, we’ve discovered that Gensci Biotech also offers their customers/clients the ability to buy USA made peptides directly from their website so that independent researchers do not need to obtain their products through a private medical clinic.

While you do have to buy in larger quantities (minimum 10 units per item), customers can now get truly USA made peptides at up to 60% off of common retail prices. Those common retail prices are also for Chinese made peptides.

For researchers who’d like to save a significant amount of money to buy in semi-bulk (10 units minimum), this is an excellent supplier choice.

General Gensci Biotech Review

Gensci Biotech has a very comprehensive wholesale catalogue of USA made peptides. They are also able to perform custom synthesis for their clients.

Gensci Biotech has fast lead times on production of new batches and robust quality control and quality assurance programs. Since they manufacturer in a USA GMP facility, unlike virtually all online peptide vendors who are resellers of Chinese made pepties, Gensci Biotech has actual regulatory oversight.

The fact that Gensci Biotech is a much bigger company than any online peptide vendor that resells Chinese peptides, means that customers can be assured of quality, potency, and an overall experience with a truly professional organization.

Gensci Biotech applies rigerous quality control testing on every batch of peptides that they produce. They have a dedicated in-house laboratory analytics team who are trained professionals in HPLC and Mass Spectrometry testing. As a cGMP facility operating legally and with regulatory oversight in the United States, Gensci Biotech is going to be the most reliable supplier for truly high quality peptides.

Gensci Biotech USA Made Peptides
Gensci Biotech is a USA peptide manufacturer and supplier. They ship to most major countries, but specify that it is their client/customer’s responsbility to know and adhere to the local laws and import restrictions in their delivery location. This is due to varying international regulations.
Gensci Biotech primarily ships to the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Thailand.
Like virtually any chemical supplier, Gensci Biotech states that all peptide and chemical sales are final. This is due to the nature of peptide purchases involving sensitive chemicals that cannot be easily restocked. The good thing with Gensci Biotech being a large USA peptide manufacturer and supplier, is that clients will never have a quality or purity concern.

How can I pay at Gensci Biotech?

Being a large USA peptide manufacturer and supplier, Gensci Biotech primarily engages with business-to-business clients. This means that payment is via standard business methods such as bank wire or ACH (a form of bank-to-bank transfer in the USA). However, both of these payment methods can be made by individuals also (independent researchers) and are not exclusive to their business customers such as private medical clinics.

Gensci Biotech also enables their clients/customers to purchase online via their website. As such, they also offer cryptocurrency payments. Customers can quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrency to use for payment with their debit card or bank account. This is their most popular method for online ordering used by their customers.

Unlike smaller ‘grey area’ online vendors, Gensci Biotech is far too large of a company to engage in ‘work-around’ payments or to use non-compliant payment methods for chemicals and peptides. Gensci Biotech does not target customers who don’t understand that buying chemicals is not like shopping on Amazon with a credit card.

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