About Us

As we’ve learned from Reddit – r/peptidesource – there is a large community of people interested in peptide science and research. At the same time, there is a very large concern among customers and researchers about the complete lack of trustworthy quality control affecting the entire peptide vendor landscape.

For anyone new here, we recommend you join our forum and read the articles on our website. For example, there is a lot of confusion about why payments for peptides and research chemicals are difficult. Furthermore, there is tremendous confusion about sourcing peptides from China or from USA or other domestic vendors. Lastly, people are getting sick from tainted peptides that contain contaminants such as heavy metals and other things. Sadly, many more people are simply getting low quality/purity peptides and research chemicals, something else other than what’s labeled, or often, a bottle of nothing.

Hint #1 – 99% of peptides for sale online come from China regardless of which vendor you buy from.

Hint #2 – 90%+ of “certificates of analysis” provided by vendors are fake and some of the common testing “labs” used on these certificates of analysis aren’t verifiably real.

Our initiative is to continue building a community of like-minded researchers to support our effort in ongoing third-party anonymous lab testing of peptides from various vendors so that we can expose what’s really going on with the items that people are buying for their research.

We do welcome requests to have specific vendors tested.

As this community continues to grow and expose the truth, it will naturally put pressure on vendors and their suppliers to prioritize quality control. At the same time, it should filter out the many pure money making “garage/basement” operations which we believe, with evidence, to be almost all of the peptide vendors and research chemical vendors on the internet.

To see some of the lab tests we’ve paid for and published thus far, click here