I wish it were easier to buy peptides and to buy research chemicals such as SARMs online, don’t you?

I take that back. I’m actually grateful there are highly reputable vendors who are still willing to sell them in the face of all of the challenges!

What do I mean, you ask? It’s simple. Vendors tell our team all of the time how frustrating it is to operate their businesses without constant unnecessary challenges. The common denominator is… THE CUSTOMER. Yes, the customers are the absolute number one frustration for the best peptide and research chemical vendors. Frankly, every single vendor we’ve talked to has the same compliant.

Many people often wonder why vendors come and go. Among other reasons, most of them just burn out because CUSTOMERS WON’T ADAPT, and cause endless trouble for vendors related to… PAYMENTS.

Vendors can’t run a business without getting paid, so many of them get fed up and leave the industry.

Let me explain something to everyone out there who thinks that just because it’s legal to purchase peptides, SARMs, and other research chemicals, does NOT mean that it’s legal or possible to accept payments on centralized corporate payment systems like the credit card brands (this applies to debit cards too). READ ON…

Banks, payment processors, and ultimately credit card brands (yes, including debit cards as I mentioned) make the rules as to how, where, and what their cards can be used to purchase. Let me rephrase that – if a credit card brand decides they do not want research chemicals on their network, then payment processors and banks must follow THEIR rules.

You’re probably thinking, “but some vendors offer credit/debit card options.” Or, “my top vendors sometimes offer an option, and sometimes don’t.” Guess what – they only do it because YOU cannot finally accept that it’s the bane of their existence to try and accept cards. Every time they accept cards it’s for one of the following reasons (none of which will last very long):

– They are using a new platform that offers payments, and the payment compliance department hasn’t caught on to what they’re selling yet.

– They are using an invoicing system that they setup for an unrelated business and sending you payment requests that way, until they get caught.

– They are using some kind of transaction laundering software. So, when you see a vendor accepting card information on their checkout page, if it’s not under the circumstances of bullet point 1, it’s a mechanism for capturing card information and running it through an unrelated merchant account. This is a financial crime for BOTH YOU and for the vendor. Yes, YOU can get in trouble for just participating in this!

– They are using some kind of other work-around system that accepts cards.

GUESS WHAT? When vendors eventually get caught or these systems get shut down, processors will either, or both, fine them, or hold their money for 180 days or more.

Do you think vendors can put up with this for long? NO.

What’s the solution? Some of you are thinking along the lines of Venmo, CashApp, etc. While these may last longer than a credit/debit card option, vendors eventually get shut down from all of these systems as well.

Who’s fault is it? YOURS.

You are trying to buy research chemicals on the internet. If you want to maintain access to these products and actually support the vendors who do a great job at supplying high quality products, then why can’t you learn how to simply use a payment option with no middle men?

The only sustainable long-term option for purchasing research chemicals online is cryptocurrency (i.e., Bitcoin and others). If you don’t like that, then you honestly shouldn’t be purchasing research chemicals in the first place. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, but you can also be the solution.

Learn how to use cryptocurrency. It’s easy once you setup a wallet on an exchange and you can purchase Bitcoin (for example) with your bank account or debit card securely. Then you can send this cryptocurrency to the vendors and make their and your lives easier. If you have enough brain cells to buy research chemicals (sometimes I wonder), then you should have zero qualms about using cryptocurrency. It’s widely adopted now and not some “new” thing.