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ELV BIOSCIENCE Review & Test Results


ELV Bioscience is one of the vendors that has been around for the longest period of time. Our research shows that they have been in business for over 8 years. This is a great thing, since most vendors in this space come and go and are harde to trust.

ELV Bioscience claims to synthesize and manufacture all of their products/chemicals in the USA and in Canada. While this is almost never the case with any of these online vendors, it does appear to be true for ELV Bioscience – making them one of the only actual USA peptide and research chemical suppliers. Since they have been around for almost 10 years, it is possible that they have grown to the point where it is actually economically feasible to manufacture their chemicals in North America.

They have strict quality control standards including both in-house and third party laboratory testing for purity and potency. ELV Bioscience having both in-house and third party lab testing is unique. Most vendors rely on questionable third party lab testing only, rely on lab testing from their suppliers (not easily trusted), or don’t perform quality control testing at all.

This is one of the vendors we have anonymously third party lab tested more than once. Lab test results are posted on our forum.


ELV Bioscience has what appears to be one of the most extensive catalogs of peptides, SARMs, other research chemicals, and even rare/exotic botanical extracts. This makes their presence in the industry extremely unique. ELV Bioscience can be considered a one-stop-shop for many customers.

This vendor appears to be operated by people who are very passionate about bioscience innovation. This makes sense since they’ve been around for almost 10 years. This is a difficult industry to operate in, so their longevity really does say something about their commitment.

Customer can buy peptides, SARMs, a host of other research chemicals, and rare/exotic botanical extracts from ELV Bioscience’s online store. One of our favorite aspects of this vendor is that they truly do manufacture all of their products in the USA and in Canada.

ELV Bioscience makes a very straightforward effort to educate their customers on some of the challenges/nuances of the research chemical industry. Namely, they do not engage in fraudulent payment work-arounds which is extremely common, espeically for newer research chemical vendors who haven’t had all of the banking and payment issues yet. They also strictly uphold their legal disclaimers, and their terms and conditions. This is also very likely a major contributor to their longevity in the space since they operate 100% legally – unlike many vendors who don’t fully understand or respect the regulatory paradigms surrounding research chemicals.

ELV Bioscience Review
ELV Bioscience is a USA based peptide, SARM, research chemical, and rare botanical supplier.  They ship to most major countries, and make it very clear that it’s customer’s responsbility to adhere to the local laws in their delivery location/country.

Just like almost all other legitimate chemical suppliers, ELV Bioscience states that all sales are final. This is due to purchases involving sensitive chemicals that cannot be easily recovered and restocked. With almost 10 years in the industry and being USA based (with USA and Canada manufacturing) ELV Bioscience is going to be one of the safest best for purity, quality, reliability, customer service, and fast shipping. They are one of the largest vendors with a robust team given their nearly a decade in the industry.

How can I pay at ELV Bioscience

ELV Bioscience is one of the largest vendors in the industry given how long they’ve been around. Usually the longer a vendor has been around, the fewer payment options they offer due to shut-downs, payment censorship, and banking issues that plague this industry.

However, ELV Bioscience still offers more fast and easy payment options than most vendors of their size. One key aspect is that they only offer payment options that are compliant and transparent. They do not engage in transaction laundering, unsustainable “work-arounds” or in fooling customers to believe that payments for resaerch chemicals are traditional or “normal.” Sadly, this is not possible and almost all other vendors participate in this type of thing. This is the reason many other vendors them come and go and attract negative regulatory attention to this industry. The end result of this for lazy customers who refuse to educate themselves about payments, and illegally operating vendors is nothing less than increasingly limited availability of these types of products.

Most of ELV Bioscience’s customers appear to use cryptocurrency due to their effort in educating customers about payments over the years. It’s fast and easy to buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or bank account and use that for payment. This way there are no middle men in the actual transaction/payment for research chemicals, and it is sustainable and reliable.

One thing most customers don’t understand, is that when a vendor offers a non-compliant and/or fraudulent payment “work-around” to make it seem like it’s possible to easily and directly pay with a card, the customer is also implicated in that fraudulent transaction and could face legal issues, banking issues, or fines.

You can reference their website for contact information. The link is below.


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