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NUSCIENCE peptides Review & Test Results


NuScience Peptides  is a newer peptide vendor that appears to be owned and operated by a group that has a lot of experience in the industry.

NuScience Peptides prides themselves in helping people discover unmatched excellence, accuracy, and knowledge offered by their company for peptide researchers. Their goal is to build a growing community of researchers and scientists who depend on their services, products, and support for their advanced research needs.  They aim to be an dependable innovation partner to help the growing research community advance their scientific knowledge.

NuScience Peptides offers an expanding range of premium research peptides, consistently setting the bar for industry standards in terms of purity, customer support, and research requisites.  With more than two decades of experience in the research product sector, NuScience Peptides  remains a trusted source for rigorously tested, high-purity products.

General NUSCIENCE peptides Review

NuScience Peptides has a robust catalogue of available peptides. Additionally, they are known for fast shipping and prompt customer service. Potentially most importantly, they execute rigorous protocols to ensure product potency and purity, inclusive of third party testing every batch of peptides before they are made available for sale. 

NuScience Peptides offers helpful chemical specification details about each of their products, as well as a valuable resource page about peptide storage and handling for laboratory use. Their website even has a calculator for assistance in reconstituting peptides.

Something very unique about their website is that they offer a custom peptide e-book that includes a lot of information that can be helpful to researchers.

nuscience peptides
NuScience Peptides is a US based company that primarily serves US customers. They may have international shipping options available, but it will depend on the destination country. It would be best to contact their helpful customer support team to inquire about international shipments.
NuScience Peptides does not advertise a refund or return policy. Generally, all chemial sales from virtually all research chemical vendors are final. This is very understandable as a common practice. If there are issues with an order, it is likely best to contact their customer support team.

How can I pay on NuScience Peptides?

NuScience Peptides currently accepts PayPal as a checkout and payment method. NuScience Peptides will likely offer the other standard compliant payment methods that most other long-standing research chemical vendors rely on such as cryptocurrency, e-check, and any others that are feasible – even if only for a short time. At Peptide Source, we encourage all serious research customers to help support vendors by using cryptocurrency to avoid banking and payment issues. This way vendors can focus on things like quality control and customer service.

You can reference their website for contact information. The link is below.


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