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What is BPC 157?


BPC 157 is a naturally occurring gastric peptide consisting of 15 amino acids. It is also made synthetically, which is how it’s purchased from reliable peptide vendors. In the body, the peptide is found in gastric (stomach) juices.

BPC 157 is fairly well researched, particularly in rodents. It has been shown to have protective and regenerative effects on the stomach lining, which is a body tissue that needs to repair and regenerate rapidly due to stomach acid and food exposure which are irritants. Studies have also shown that the healing, protective, and regenerative effects appear to extend beyond the stomach lining tissues, and seem to have positive effects throughout the entire body. Research has shown that BPC 157 has impressive anti-inflammatory properties, and can assist with the healing of things like joints, soft tissue, and organs. Researchers are also looking at the effects of BPC 157 on the brain. Thus far, the positive effects on the brain appear to be modulated by the anti-inflammatory properties. Studies are ongoing to look at BPC 157’s effects post-surgery, post-trauma, or post toxin exposure.

The mechanism of action for BPC 157 is not fully understood. Current research indicates that is has positive influence on the expression of various systemic and tissue-specific growth factors. It also appears to promote angiogenesis, which would explain some of its healing properties. Angiogensis is the creation of new blood vessels, which helps deliver blood, nutrients, hormones, and growth factors to tissues. This is particularly important for joints which have very little blood flow and thus heal more slowly than something like skeletal muscle, for example.

While all of this research on BPC 157 is very encouraging, human trials are needed to get further insight into its mechanisms and applications. Hopefully this will happen in time, as human trials are incredibly expensive and take many years if done in a double blind, placebo controlled fashion on significant sample sizes of participants.

BPC 157 is stable enough to be administered orally, however when doing so, it’s tissue-specific effects or systemic effects may be significantly more limited than when injected subcutaneously or intramuscular. Studies on rodents thus far all used injection as the primary administration method. Most of the research done on BPC 157 thus far has been done by a limited number of researchers tied to what appears to be a single vested interest. BPC 157 is not technically legal to sell or purchase as a Dietary Supplement as it is argued that it is not FDA DSHEA compliant. BPC can be purchased online as a research chemical from highly reputable vendors.

BPC 157 structure

BPC-157 has a molecular formula of C62H98N16O22.
The PUBCHEM ID is CID 9941957.
RN: 137525-51-0

BPC-157 molecular structure
BPC 157 is also known as “Body Protecting Compound-157.” This name has little meaning or relevance, as you can likely surmise. BPC 157 has now been listed as a banned substance for Athletes. Anyone who is selling or buying BPC 157 as a “Dietary Supplement” should know that this is not legal for reasons discussed earlier in this article. To buy high quality BPC 157, only trust top rated vendors online selling it as a research chemical. It is legal to sell and posses as a research or analytical chemical. This peptide is prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and is not approved for human use.

What are the benefits of BPC 157?

To summarize the list of known benefits of BPC-157:

  • Helps alleviate joint pain and promotes joint tissue healing.
  • Helps heal gastric ulcers.
  • Helps increase blood flow to damaged or injured tissue.
  • Appears to help wounds and burns heal at an accelerated rate.
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Interpreted from rodent studies, the amout of BPC 157 used appears to be 10mcg/Kg. The adjustment for humans would be ~1.6mcg/Kg. Anectodal reports also suggest that 250-500mcg daily via injection seems effective for many people. Please be reminded that BPC 157 is not approved for human use or human consumption, and is only legally available as a research or analytical chemical.

BPC 157 Effects on Nervous System Injuries

In a paper published by Perovic et. Al, 12 week old male Wistar albino rats were operated on to eliminate loss of motor function in the tail. They were then observed over the following year long period.

The BPC 157 treated rats displayed increased and improved motor function in the tail compared with placebo (saline injections). The BPC 157 injections appeared as effective as the injections of neural stem cells.

Added benefits were observed in this animal trial. BPC 157 administration in rats with various types of brain trauma, seizures, akinesia, and muscle weakness showed improvement. It was concluded that the benefit of BPC 157 treatment in these rats was related to its anti-inflammatory effects via muting the high levels of inflammatory molecules (cytokines) present in rates with the aforementioned conditions or traumas.

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