Alpha Labs Review

I purchased some BPC-157 and TB-500 from Alpha Labs for the subreddit’s latest test results and to see how they stack up with our previously reviewed vendor (Loti Labs). I noticed that they had just revamped their website lately. I really like how it looks now, but during the upgrade they had a notice saying it may have caused temporary order processing delays in the last week.

Alpha Labs Test Results

The test results came out fairly inline the previous two test results. They both came out with very high purity percentages, which was great to see. Their BPC-157 came out as 99.1% and the TB-500 at 99.9%. There are the Blue Sky and Loti Labs reports for comparison.

Alpha Labs Payments

There’s was a site wide sale running when I bought from Alpha Labs. It was a fairly easy process to checkout. They offered crypto or MESH card payments. I’ve seen MESH used on other larger RC vendors, and it seems to be the only legitimate method to process any card payments in this industry since credit card companies and banks actually don’t allow these vendors to take cards directly. Alpha Labs had information on their checkout page about this which was helpful – saying that any sort of seemingly “direct” card processing is technically “transaction laundering.” I surely don’t want to partake in that. It was my first time using MESH card payments to checkout, but I’ve seen it around a lot as mentioned There were a few steps to take, but the system mentions that this is only for the first time using it. As a long time researcher, I used to get frustrated with payment methods available from vendors, but have since learned it’s not the vendor’s fault – they are very restricted.

EDIT (10.10.2022): MESH card payments no longer exists. Honestly customers should just understand that traditional payment options do not exist for these vendors, it is risky to partake in any sort of work-around like “transaction laundering” and help keep these items available for research by giving the vendors an easier time. Just pay with crypto! It’s not hard!

It was shipped quickly, and I really like how the products look.. The lab test results speak for themselves, and I am happy with these results.

Alpha Labs Customer Service

I contacted them to see how their customer service was. I just asked if they have any coupons or promotions available. They got back to me very quickly and said that while they currently aren’t offering a sale, they will still give me a 15% off coupon to become a repeat customer. I thought this was really nice, and I’ll save it for my next order.

I’ll purchase from again, it was overall easy.