Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your input on the vendor poll. There was a lot of input and I appreciate everyone who contributed to it. Blue Sky Peptides came out on top as the most request vendor to test to start with.

I purchased their BPC 157 and TB 500. using their website was easy enough with minimal hassle. They were running a promo code for 37% off, which I used and worked fine. I did check the website the next day and they had a new promo code for 45% off.

I paid using crypto, and the checkout through coin payments was smooth. Their delivery time was alright, it wasn’t the quickest but also didn’t take that long to arrive.

I was very impressed with their test results. Their BPC 157 came out at 99.4%, and the TB 500 at 100%.

If you have any experience with Blue Sky Peptides, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think about the test report.

Overall, I’m very happy with them.


Blue Sky Peptides

Blue Sky Peptides BPC-157 Review and Test
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