Loti Labs Review

I did another Loti Labs test because there were a few requests for it and users contributed to the costs associated. I have posted about the contributions before, but if you would like to help the subreddit a donation or contribution to tests would be greatly appreciated. I am currently busy putting a website to make it easier for everyone to contribute and access the tests.

Loti Labs Test Results

I had Loti Labs IGF-1 LR3 tested and the results came out really high. It was a lot higher than expected, coming out at 99.97%. I shouldn’t have been too surprised because their other test results also came out high. You can find their BPC-157 and TB-500 test results here. Here are the Alpha Labs and Blue Sky test results for comparison.

I had signed up for their newsletter when I purchased from them last time. One of their current emails came with a coupon code for a special they were running. I’m not sure how often they send these out, but it was nice to know they send out specials to their mailing list.

I have mentioned in other posts my view on the payment systems offered by research vendors before. I will do an updated full post on how I feel about certain methods. In regards to this, I am glad to see that Loti does offer a few different methods to pay. They accept credit cards, e-checks, crypto, and MESH. The safest and best option, in my eyes, is MESH card payments, which is what I used. I’ve noticed that MESH is being used more and more by vendors in this sector. It was a lot easier and quicker using it the second time round. Only when I used it for the first time were there extra steps to take. I used to get frustrated with the payment methods available from vendors, but it’s not their fault. They are just very restricted.

EDIT (10.10.2022): MESH card payments no longer exists. Honestly customers should just understand that traditional payment options do not exist for these vendors, it is risky to partake in any sort of work-around like “transaction laundering” and help keep these items available for research by giving the vendors an easier time. Just pay with crypto! It’s not hard!


As with last time, there were no issues with the product being shipped. It took a few days, but that’s because I used the regular USPS option. I did contact them to see what their customer service was like currently. They were fairly quick to respond, and just as helpful and friendly as the last time I interacted with them.

In summary, I’m very happy with how the test results came out, and am impressed with Loti Labs in totality.

link: Loti Labs


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